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Remedyforce Consulting: How to use the Agile methodology for a successful ITSM implementation

By Priten Nayak, Country Head, Cloudaction India    

Because ITSM implementations are by definition enterprise projects, it follows that ITSM project management as a professional discipline is complex, detail-intensive, multi-phased, and involve many “moving parts” and no small measure of ambiguity and unpredictability.  As such, one’s choice of project management methodology is extremely important in ITSM implementations. In comparison to traditional project management approaches, the Agile methodology presents a compelling alternative for ITSM implementations. Agile enables project teams to respond more effectively to ambiguity and unpredictability.

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Remedyforce Consulting: 5 tips for accelerating Remedyforce user adoption

By Mark Hodge, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

Organizational resistance to a new tool such as Remedyforce ITSM is an unfortunate reaction, but it is both natural and predictable. Put yourself in your users’ shoes. A Remedyforce implementation means you have to learn new processes, which creates the perception of extra work. And while there’s no way around the fact that new tools like Remedyforce add to users’ workload initially, that extra work and those new processes will have a measurable upside for them and for the organization in the long term.

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Remedyforce Consulting: Importing lookup fields using

By Eric Olson, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

As a Remedyforce user, have you ever wished you could import a list of child Categories without having to scrub your CSV file to get the parent Category ID in there for the mapping?, MuleSoft’s cloud-based data import tool for, can map lookup fields by a name value in another object.
Suppose I have a list of Categories that I want to import, and that I have already created or imported the parent level Categories.

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Remedyforce Consulting: Extending your Remedyforce implementation using Salesforce APIs to create enterprise-class solutions

By Bruce Morgan, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

Through continued technical advances driven in part by the BMC-Salesforce partnership, the cloud development community now has a platform for creating true enterprise solutions that can serve and support multiple purposes via seamless integration of mission-critical business systems. Today, the advent of APIs, in particular Salesforce APIs, has made Remedyforce integrations with other key enterprise solutions much easier to accomplish, providing many downstream advantages and higher value to the business.

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Remedyforce Consulting: BMC takes Remedyforce CMDB to the next level

By Pat Leftwich, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

Until recently, only very large enterprise IT groups invested the time, effort, and expense required to implement a CMDB. Smaller organizations did not have any feasible options available in their favor because there were no “one size fits all” CMDBs on the market.
In today’s more complex infrastructure and ever-changing application environments, IT organizations of all sizes have come to realize they must have a solid understanding of the physical and virtual resources that make the business they support tick.

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