20 reasons to upgrade to Remedyforce Summer ‘14

By Kedar Zavar, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

While the Summer ’14 release of Remedyforce unleashed a wealth of enhancements and new functionality, it also is proof positive that Remedyforce just keeps getting better, with a wealth of enhancements and new functionality.

What’s more, this kind of continual improvement by BMC is by design. BMC product management is committed to three major Remedyforce releases each year. More important, they listen to customer and partner feedback and incorporate those ideas into their releases.

So congratulations to BMC on Summer ’14 and for actively listening to the greater Remedyforce community of customers and consultants as we work together to make Remedyforce the best-of-breed ITSM in the cloud product on the market today.

Here are my top 20 (brief!) reasons why you should upgrade to Summer ‘14!

  1. Ability to get questions and answers mapped to custom fields for service requests. Key benefit: You can use the data from service request for mapping to sub-tasks.
  2. Multiple layouts for all the modules. Key benefit: You can have forms based on profiles.
  3. Ability to add direct links to self-service components. Key benefit: You can add direct links as needed and share with customers in emails, etc.
  4. Ability to show knowledge articles based on accounts. Key benefit: You can enhance the end user experience.
  5. Resizable console columns. Key benefit: This enables maximum utilization and readability.
  6. Easier approval submission process. With the option available under Actions, you can submit a record in one click. Simple!
  7. Tool tips and URL option available on service request forms. Key benefit: This feature greatly simplifies the end user experience on service request forms.
  8. Ability to create different layouts for self-service ticket form. Key benefit: You can select from different layouts based on need.
  9. Ability to customize close forms. Key benefit: You can add remove closure data per your need.
  10. Create/edit view from console. Benefit: This provides non-admin users the flexibility to add their own views.
  11. Printable service request details. Key benefit: You can print the ticket for mobile staff to fulfill and track requests.
  12. Ability to configure client information popup on console. Key benefit: You can select what information you want to show in details.
  13. Ability to filter self-service records by state or status. Key benefit: This is another function that simplifies the end user experience.
  14. Option of removing pre-fix keywords. Key benefit: You can map data as needed, without needing workflows to remove keywords.
  15. Ability to add custom actions. Key benefit: You can add any external URLs, knowledge or intranet site references right on the Incident form
  16. Total time spent on a ticket. Key benefit: This simplifies more insight on resource productivity.
  17. Ability to customize My Profile. Key benefit: This provides the flexibility to show required profile information to end users.
  18. Salesforce1 mobile application support. Key benefit: This provides users with access to your help desk via mobile devices.
  19. Integration of chat (beta). Key benefit: This provides the next level of support.
  20. Ability to edit multiple records in list view form. Key benefit: This provides the flexibility of bulk updates.

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