BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer ’19 Review

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer ’19 release offers us some great new features. Here’s an at-a-glance list at enhancements at a glance, followed by a brief look at my favorite Summer ’19 enhancements.

My Summer ’19 favs

  • Easily see attachments on Console with new attachment icon, including “see all” button.
  • Ability to see and link Configuration Items and Services in Activity Feed on Remedyforce Console.
  • Service request forms now have two-column layout feature.
  • “On behalf of” renamed “Request for” and better located for improved visibility.
  • Ability to assign different account/profiles or permission sets (e.g., for specific departments like HR, IT, Facilities) in Self Service.
  • Bold, more visible attachments indicator in Self Service.
  • Reduced clutter in Self Service via dynamic field rendering on incident form, with more interactivity.
  • Categories displayed as tiles for Service Catalog, with images and descriptions.
  • Broadcast messages displayed in message scroll format replacing previous marquee-style text scroll.
  • Print and print to PDF option available in Salesforce Lightning from Remedyforce Console.
  • Advanced search for CIs from Configuration Item lookup fields.
  • Simultaneously add or delete multiple relationships from CMDB.
  • Add CI lookup filter on CMDB similar to lookup fillers on Console.
  • Option to filter based on classes within CMDB Explorer.
  • Rule definition to identify field source priority.
  • Update up to 200 records in CMDB multiple instance editor.
  • Enhanced service request definitions on Console based on accounts, profiles or permission sets.
  • Auto-categorization by cognitive Helix service based on confidence score. E.g., incidents created without category can be assigned based on description. Also shows suggestions to staff based on cognitive service.
  • Ability to filter unwanted email signatures by name or size.

If you have any questions about incorporating these hot new Summer ’19 features into your work processes, contact us today.

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