Insights on Remedyforce integration with Workday HCM system

By Bruce Morgan, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based solution that unifies HR, talent management, onboarding, payroll, and time tracking into a single system of record. Cloudaction customers are interested in integrating Workday with their BMC Remedyforce ITSM environment in order to maximize employee productivity and operational efficiency from day one.

Workday exposes a diverse group of web services that in turn expose an extensive amount of Workday’s processes and data items. Salesforce’s Apex extensibility allows developers to create classes and controllers that enable Salesforce and hosted applications such as Remedyforce to access Workday’s web services.

A simple design for this would be a Salesforce Apex class that periodically polls a Workday web service for newly created New Hire requests. Selection criteria can be evaluated so that only certain New Hire requests are processed based on business needs. This type of integration takes Remedyforce to the next level by automating the HR process from hiring to fulfillment.

When an appropriate New Hire request is found, the Apex class queries the web service for the request’s complete information, such as Employee Name, First Day of Work, and Department. Based on these, the Apex class can determine which Service Request should be initiated.

Here’s a simple use case on how this can be done during a Remedyforce implementation:

  • Retrieve Employee information from Workday for a new hire that passes the selection criteria.
  • Create a new Salesforce user, licensed to use the Remedyforce application and assigned to appropriate Profile and queues.
  • Based on the employee’s profile, create a Service Request to initiate the fulfillment process, geared towards provisioning of equipment.
  • Based on the employee’s Location, create a Service Request for facility provisioning.
  • Use the Workday “First Day of Work” as the due date to complete the fulfillment in Remedyforce.
  • For both Service Requests, the integration will pass the new Service Request numbers back to Workday for tracking and providing status to the hiring manager.
  • As Service Requests tasks are fulfilled and closed, Salesforce Workflow rules and custom Apex coding will send updates to the Workday web service, keeping the Workday New Hire request up-to-date with the RemedyForce management process.

Similar processes might respond to other HR events such as terminations and employee moves. Further, even more novel uses are possible, such as using Workday’s time off requests to adjust user availability in Salesforce.

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