Remedyforce Consulting: Remedyforce Summer 18 Is Here!

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

The release of Remedyforce Summer 18 brings some great enhancements for Remedyforce administrators and clients. Here are my “summertime” favorites.

1. Enhanced Search Options with “Superbox” Self-Service Portal


  • Clients can use Self-Service easily search service requests, templates, knowledge articles and broadcasts.
  • Search results are displayed with count if matching record exists.

2. Smart Suggestions Available on Self-Service


  • This feature promotes self-service usage by enabling clients to resolve their own issues.
  • It also displays related service requests, templates, knowledge articles and broadcasts.

3. Default Landing Page Using “Pin Module” Option


  • Agents can set default landing page to “My Dashboard” or their favorite module.

4. Status Options Based on Page Layout


  • Admins can configure different set of statuses based on teams.
  • This function takes Remedyforce to the next level by giving admins the ability to personalize department-centric layouts based on categories, statuses, templates, etc.

5. “View My Activity” on Self-Service Portal


  • End users can export of their tickets from Self-Service.
  • Admins get enhanced reporting with key columns such as:
    • Number
    • Status
    • Client ID
    • Description
    • Opened Date
    • Category
    • Type
    • State

6. Display Relevant CIs and Assets


  • This feature enables admins to display only client-relevant records (i.e., those linked to a client or a client’s account) in lookups on the Self-Service.

7. View Multiple Modules in Remedyforce Console


  • This feature allows agents to access multiple modules or list views at same time – which will increase productivity.

8. Access Actions from Activity Feed


  • Admins have access to all actions in Remedyforce Console under Activity Feed.
  • Agents also can differentiate between public and private actions with new visibility icon.

9. Add Direct Links to Records from Activity Feed


  • Agents can easily add direct links to records from Remedyforce Console for staff or end users while sending emails.

10. Display Rich Text Emails


  • Agents will see incoming rich text, including embedded images, in Remedyforce Console.
  • Email replies will also display rich text.

11. Email Signatures in Activity Feed


  • Agents can display email signatures, just like in Outlook.

12. Merge Fields on Activity Feed


  • Agents can easily use existing record information to send emails.

13. “Reply” and “Reply All” Options


  • Agents can reply to all senders from Activity Feed.

14. Layout Types for Change Request Module


  • We now have access to different layouts for templates, categories, and statuses.

15. Advanced Rule Logic for SLAs


  • This new feature makes SLA configuration easy for multiple combinations.

Your vote counts! Here are the Remedyforce Ideas targeted in Summer 18:

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