Top 10 Features in BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

BMC Helix Remedyforce brings some great features with the Winter 19 release. Here are my top 10.

1. New HighCharts for QuickViews


  • No more Adobe Flash needed
  • 2D-3D options
  • Available “donut chart” option

2. Ability to Find Records Using Multiple Column Filters on Console


  • Agents can easily sort records by more than one column
  • No need to create separate views
  • Makes it super-easy to create dynamic views

3. Self Service Approval Improvements


  • Ability to approve multiple records
  • Approval history now visible
  • View record details, with ability to add attachments
  • Ability to show only Remedyforce records
  • Ability to reassign approver

4. Ability to “Save as Draft” for Service Request


  • Gives end users more flexibility to create records as per information availability

5. Track Salesforce Mobile App Adoption


  • Makes it easy to identify the tickets created from Salesforce1 app
  • Helps to track mobile adoption

6. Customizable Self Service Ticket Layout


  • Allows admins to exclude fields on submit a ticket

7. Broadcast Options


  • Ability to view all broadcasts in Self Service
  • New options for broadcast:
  • Message scroll – One message is displayed at a time
  • Text scroll – Scrolling message (from previous releases)

8. Service Target Reporting and SLA Dashboard

a) Service target reporting


Service target fields of open records can be saved:

  • New fields now available:
  • Relative Elapsed Time in Minutes
  • Relative Elapsed Time in Days(s) HH:MM
  • Relative Time Remaining in Minutes
  • Relative Time Remaining in Day(s) HH:MM
  • Relative Paused Duration in Minutes
  • Relative Paused Duration in Day(s) HH:MM

You can view these fields for below SLA reports:

  • Incident Service Targets
  • Change Request Service Target
  • Task Service Target
  • Problem Service Target

b) SLA Dashboard


  • Out-of-the-box SLA dashboards
  • Ditto for SLA reporting, to include:
  • Service Target due Within 24 Hours
  • Service Targets Due in This Week
  • Service Target Health for This Month
  • Monthly Trend (Met/Missed Targets)
  • Quarterly Trend (Met/Missed Targets)
  • Service Targets for Open Incidents
  • Top 10 Paused Service Targets
  • Long Paused Service Targets
  • Top 5 Used SLAs
  • Top 10 Service Targets by Category
  • Top 5 Service Targets by Queue

9. Improved CMDB User Experience


  • Major changes to CMDB UX/UI
  • Modern sleek console look
  • New buttons
  • New class icons
  • Class names and path to easily track where you are
  • Easy search options
  • Column filtering
  • Enhanced instance editor pages

10. BMC Helix Chatbot Integration


Clients can use the chatbot window in Self Service to:

Your vote counts! Here are the user ideas delivered with Winter 19.

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