actionHub Integration Platform. We help you unify, connect, and improve your organization.

actionHub is the smart integration platform for connecting your people, processes, applications, and data in ways that improve the user experience.

“Today’s digital-minded organizations are finding the greatest value in a hybrid IT infrastructure that integrates best-of-breed solutions, regardless of whether those solutions are cloud-based or on-prem. What they want is an integration architecture that is platform-agnostic. actionHub makes that approach a reality."


Samir Kumar, Co-Founder/President, Cloudaction

Unify your organization and connect with customers, business partners, and service providers.

The cloud offers endless possibilities for creating new and innovative ways to extend operational excellence. At the same time, cloud technology adds to IT’s inherent complexity.

Today IT leaders must manage multiple data sources, integrate cloud and on-prem applications, and connect business users with the data they need when they need it. That’s where the actionHub integration platform is a difference maker.

Build integrations quickly and easily with actionHub.

We developed actionHub to make it easier to connect your organizational ecosystem—teams, departments, processes, applications, and service providers—and do it all via a smart integration platform that is incredibly simple to use, secure, and reasonably priced.

Here are a few actionHub use cases.

  • Contact Center

    A unified contact center makes it easy for your customers to get through to you, but getting through to siloed business units can be frustrating. Encourage cooperation by sharing data behind the scenes by minimizing the impact on your users’ day-to-day experience.

  • Application Lifecycle Management

    Add a little Agile to your incident management when you connect your service desk management product to your software development application. Sharing data through automation gives power to the people instead of the process.

  • Asset Management

    The Internet of Things generates an amazing amount of information. The trick is having the ability to identify data patterns as quickly as possible. Catching critical events and routing the details to the appropriate resources as quickly as possible, even across multiple departments, lets you resolve problems before the first call is made to the service desk.

  • Provisioning

    Onboarding a new employee can be a complicated process full of simple but time-consuming tasks. By integrating your self-service request application with account management, asset management, and security, automated integration can free your staff to solve people problems rather than process tasks.

  • eBonding

    eBonding brings you into your customer's world. It enables you to close the communication gap without requiring your staff to access your customer's applications. Updates in your application are quickly shared with your customers in their own application. The result: fewer errors, seamless sharing, less hassle.

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actionHub for Enterprise Application Integration

We help you use actionHub to connect your business ecosystem. Seamlessly and securely.

Enterprise application integration is essential. It helps you improve business efficiency by combining, connecting, and optimizing data and workflows from multiple cloud and on-prem applications.

Enterprise application integration drives innovation across your organization.

Today’s business enterprise, whether large, medium, or small, relies on mix of on-prem and cloud applications. This hybrid IT infrastructure makes application integration a mission-critical requirement that enables an organization to thrive in the digital economy.

actionHub provides the integration platform and tools to help any organization looking to optimize or modernize its core business applications. The key is selecting a partner who can help you align actionHub’s functionality with your business strategy.

Cloudaction helps you re-imagine application integration with actionHub.

With Cloudaction as your enterprise integration partner, you gain the confidence to integrate on-prem and cloud applications and data and to incorporate new systems within the enterprise—with a proven solution that enables you to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

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actionHub for eBonding

actionHub allows you create custom B2B connections with ease.

eBonding allows managed services providers to elevate their customer service game by connecting their systems with their customers’ systems.

eBonding helps MSPs enhance customer interactions.

eBonding is the function of integrating and automating bi-directional data synchronization between two enterprises and their systems. In practice, eBonding is way for MSPs to link their service management systems with their customers, allowing them to take action quickly and meet their service level management commitments.

The actionHub smart integration platform enables MSPs need to accelerate eBonding integrations, providing their customers with real-time information on demand, reducing human error, and streamlining and extending business processes. Picking the right eBonding implementation provider is just as important as picking the right integration platform.

Cloudaction helps MSPs harness the power of eBonding.

With Cloudaction as your actionHub for eBonding implementation partner, you can quickly stand up an eBonding solution that allows your customers to work in their own systems, surface and resolve potential SLA issues, and submit service tickets—giving you total visibility in the entire customer service process.

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