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Cloudaction helps you leverage the power of BMC Helix Discovery to gain visibility into your IT infrastructure, providing up to 100% accuracy of your assets and their relationships.

Cloud-native discovery and dependency mapping with Helix Discovery.

BMC Helix Discovery is a category-leading tool that gives IT leaders the ability to automate asset discovery and dependency mapping across the IT ecosystem, including software, hardware, network, storage, cloud services, and more.

Helix Discovery from BMC gives you the power to scan your entire infrastructure, mapping dependencies among on-prem, public cloud, and private cloud environments. The key to a successful Helix Discovery deployment, however, is selecting the right consulting partner.

Cloudaction enables 20/20 vision into your IT operations with Helix Discovery.

As a preferred BMC partner, Cloudaction has the requisite project experience to help you take advantage of Helix Discovery’s robust out-of-the-box capabilities—giving you the visibility required to keep your infrastructure running like a finely tuned engine.

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Helix Discovery Benefits and Features*

BMC Helix Discovery provides instant visibility into hardware, software, and service dependencies across multi-cloud environments. Key benefits include:

  • Up-to-date service awareness – Rapid discovery, relationship modeling, and visualization provide accurate asset and relationship views from any point in any complex IT infrastructure.
  • Reduced costs – Dynamically generated reports enable IT teams to continually evaluate the asset usage so businesses can right-size infrastructure.
  • Lower risk – Extensive visibility into complex infrastructures helps teams identify vulnerabilities, resulting in quicker remediation, reduced downtime, and improved security and compliance.
  • Increased productivity – Detect assets automatically so that IT teams become more efficient and productive for service management, data center management, and software auditing.

How Helix Discovery works

  • Agentless, lightweight, and scalable – Helix Discovery is a ready-to-run SaaS-based application. All credentials and firewall rules are local and under the customer’s complete control, which enables rapid onboarding and minimal support.
  • Unlimited depth and breadth – You can perform rapid asset discovery and dependency mapping of any number of devices and applications across complex environments. The optimized user interface provides you with direct control and complete visibility to discovered data via a high-performance, graph-based database.
  • Dynamic service modeling – You can generate detailed datasets and topologies that enable your IT team to leverage AIOps and machine learning for anomaly detection, root cause analysis, cost optimization, and service management.
  • Deep content library – Helix Discovery provides automatic updates to a library of more than 15 years’ worth of asset data, including support for newer technologies such as containers and cloud computing.
  • Multi-cloud support – You can map assets and their dependencies across data center, public cloud, and private cloud environments, utilizing APIs and agentless protocols.
  • Complex infrastructure support – You can uncover dependencies across containers, container orchestration tools, hyper-converged infrastructure, and traditional compute and storage systems.
  • Security and compliance – Helix Discovery allows you to perform blind-spot detection, change-impact assessment, and audit assessments, enabling IT teams to identify out-of-date software, backdoor entry points, and other vulnerabilities before they impact infrastructure security.
  • CMDB integration – Helix Discovery offers seamless integration into BMC Helix CMDB with out-of-the-box, continuous data synchronization. Integration with third-party CMDB tools is available through web services and database integrations.
  • Flexible deployment options – Helix Discovery can be configured to run as a SaaS-based, hybrid cloud, or on-premises deployment, which provides the right solution for each stage of your business.


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