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Cloudaction ensures that your TrueSight Operations Management implementation provides a holistic view of your IT operations with actionable intelligence and proactive analytics.

Deliver top-notch end user experiences. Stay in front of business demands.

TrueSight Operations Management provides a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your IT operations. With TrueSight Operations Management, you are assured that your IT teams have the management tools they need to tame IT complexity and deliver high-quality digital services.

TrueSight Operations Management includes a toolbox of capabilities like root cause and predictive analytics, service impact modeling, and more. Getting the most out of these tools depends on the experience of your consulting partner.

Cloudaction helps you assure performance and reliability of digital services

Cloudaction is a certified BMC partner with proven project experience in implementing and optimizing TrueSight Operations Management for IT operations of all sizes. We can help you get the most out of these IT operations management tools quickly and with sustainable results.

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More about TSOM*

TSOM provides a converged view of application and infrastructure performance across all environments, physical, virtual, and cloud. With visibility into web, mobile, and on-premises applications, TrueSight provides the insight IT operations needs to deliver high-quality digital services quickly and effectively enough to keep pace with business demands.

TSOM ensures that the applications and services that drive the business continue to perform optimally by examining operational norms, automatically revealing abnormalities, measuring service impact, and proactively identifying risk. Key benefits include:

  • Reduce false alarms by 90% with probable cause analysis.
  • Build simple application models in under five minutes with auto-detecting application context views.
  • Find and fix problems faster enabling IT to focus on high-value activities and create lower TCO.


  • Monitor the performance of applications, infrastructure, and middleware together – Take an application-centric view of infrastructure by combining end-user experience and application diagnostics with monitoring for servers, databases, storage, and other infrastructure technologies.
  • View application context dynamically – Automatically discover all tiers of an application and visualize application topology graphically. Monitor end-to-end performance from UI code execution to back-end systems.
  • Reduce event noise with operational IT analytics – Learn normal behavior and alert on abnormalities to reduce event noise.
  • Get proactive with log analytics and root cause analysis – Use probable-cause analysis and integrated log analytics to quickly identify root causes.
  • Understand the service impact of events – Collect events and create service-impact models that visualize the health of the business services to prioritize problem resolution.
  • Prioritize and route incidents automatically – Connect the service desk with IT operations by automatically adding configuration items to the incident and routing to the right resource.
  • Automate event remediation and self-healing – Automate resolution in real time for recurring events with out-of-the-box workflows or customizable run books.
  • Smart Reports are easy to create and provide actionable insights into your data and IT environment—to include fast, flexible, efficient retention of long-term log data for full-indexed searching and analytics.


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