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As Salesforce certified partner, Cloudaction is a proven Service Cloud consulting partner. And our services don’t end with your implementation. We have the enterprise integration skills, including our actionHub integration platform, that enable you to share insights about customers to every team member and resolve service issues quickly.

Service Cloud creates loyalty with every customer interaction.

Service Cloud is the industry standard customer support solution. Built on the scalable Salesforce Platform, Service Cloud’s functionality virtually guarantees a satisfying customer experience.

Service Cloud allows your reps to get answers faster. A self-service portal and chat support makes customers self-sufficient. For onsite support issues, Service Cloud can be configured by role, giving field reps, dispatchers, and technicians the ability to diagnose and resolve cases as a team. Harnessing these powerful CRM tools requires a trusted partner.

Cloudaction puts the service in Service Cloud.

With Cloudaction as your Service Cloud consulting partner, you gain access to world-class Salesforce CRM experts with the know-how to take your customer support capabilities to the next level. Contact us today.

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Service Cloud Overview*

With Service Cloud, your agents have a holistic view of every customer, whether they’re in the contact center or working remote. Scale and optimize customer service by leveraging AI and integrating popular support channels — like phone, messaging, and chat — directly into the agent workspace.

  • Agent Workspace – Allow agents to handle cases seamlessly from one screen with an easy-to-use service console. Equip them with built-in productivity tools and a 360-degree view of every customer.
  • Case Management – Resolve cases faster by combining automated processes with easy access to the full details, context, and history of every case and customer interaction.
  • Knowledge Management – Enable quick case resolution and maximize agent productivity with recommended articles and optimized article search.
  • Service Process Automation – Create end-to-end workflows to automate and scale repetitive business processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Omni-Channel Routing – Automatically match cases from any channel — messaging, chat, social, email, and voice — to the right agent based on skill set and expertise.
  • Service Analytics – Boost team efficiency using prebuilt dashboards that monitor agent performance, key KPIs, and channel usage, from anywhere.
  • Call Center Management and CTI Integration – Solve phone cases faster and unlock AI-powered productivity tools by integrating cloud telephony into the service console.
  • Asset and Order Management – Equip your agents and your customers with the tools to track and manage orders with just a few clicks.
  • Visual Remote Assistant – Give visual support and get valuable customer face time, from anywhere. Provide immediate assistance over video chat, so you can ensure a positive customer experience every time.


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