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Cloudaction is a preferred ServiceNow ITBM consulting partner. We deliver total ServiceNow ITBM solution – from pre-implementation planning to post-implementation managed support, and everything in between. And our ServiceNow Quick Launch service enables your organization to take advantage of the benefits of ITBM quicker and with sustainable results.

ServiceNow ITBM aligns IT resources with business priorities.

ServiceNow ITBM enables IT leaders to map projects and investments to the business’s strategic goals. With ServiceNow ITBM, you can align your resources with business priorities. Anticipate critical needs. Optimize resources. Prioritize new requests. And deliver projects more efficiently.

ServiceNow ITBM provides you with the visibility you need to demonstrate IT’s contribution as a value-creator in your organization. The critical success factor is having an experienced ServiceNow consulting partner. That’s where Cloudaction comes in.

Cloudaction accelerates the business value of ServiceNow ITBM.

ServiceNow ITBM can be a game-changer for IT departments. Contact us today to learn more about how Cloudaction can help you get more out of your ServiceNow investment. Let’s talk.

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ServiceNow ITBM Overview*

ServiceNow ITBM enables you to align work with business goals to deliver product and services in a way that supports your strategic priorities. ITBM helps IT demonstrate measurable value to the organization and rationalize investments to focus more on innovation. It also helps transform the delivery of new products and services through lean execution methodologies.

Deliver what the business needs when they need it.

ITBM makes it easy to anticipate critical business requirements, allocate resources, and evaluate the value of your portfolio. It also enables you to prioritize new requests and deliver products efficiently; assess related top-level investments and adapt to make adjustments on an ongoing basis; and manage strategic and operational work in one place; and reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster.

ITBM helps you align your IT investment and work with the organization's goals for better outcomes and respond more rapidly to change.

Key ITBM Features:

  • Application Portfolio Management – Align applications with business goals and priorities. Get visibility into your applications to manage costs, ensure alignment, and easily adapt to change.
  • Project Portfolio Management – Align work to goals and strategy to ensure you work on the right projects. Manage your entire project life cycle from idea to execution across your technology and business portfolios. This solution includes applications to help you manage your project portfolio, resources, demands, timecards, ideas, and agile delivery.
  • Innovation Management – Engage employees for the next big idea. Enable your employees to submit ideas for new products and feature and to track and convert ideas to demands, projects, stories, and other work items to deliver business outcomes with speed and agility, all from one location.
  • Investment Funding – Simplify your funding workflow. Enhanced and simplified processes for top-down and bottom-up funding makes it easier for you to request and allocate funds to investments.
  • Scrum Programs – Gain visibility into the software development life cycle. Manage scrum, hybrid, or waterfall development efforts throughout the life cycle, from inception through testing and deployment.


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