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Cloudaction is a preferred ServiceNow partner committed to helping IT leaders drive digital transformation across the enterprise. Our ServiceNow ITOM consulting services enable you to take advantage of We focus on delivering end-to-end solutions – from pre-implementation planning to post-implementation managed support, and everything in between.

ServiceNow ITOM provides an integrated approach for maximizing business service quality.

With the push for digital transformation, the prospect of keeping track of myriad networks, systems, and IT infrastructure is being more challenging than ever. ServiceNow ITOM provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of ITOM capabilities to help IT leaders gain greater visibility into their entire operational ecosystem.

ServiceNow ITOM’s capabilities enable you to take the offensive by proactively improving service availability via automating service remediation and IT processes, and by enforcing good governance across today’s hybrid cloud infrastructures. And you can seamlessly integrate ITOM with ServiceNow ITSM for a win-win outcome. The key is to find the right partner.

Cloudaction ITOM services can jump-start digital transformation in your organization.

Whether you are new to ServiceNow or are an existing customer, contact us today to learn more about how Cloudaction can help you realize the operational benefits of ServiceNow ITOM in the shortest time. Let’s talk.

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ServiceNow ITOM Overview*

Get better visibility into your infrastructure and services, prevent service outages, and expand your organization's operational agility with ServiceNow ITOM.

See more and do more with ITOM

ITOM helps you to accelerate your cloud strategy with ITOM. You'll improve your organization's cloud utilization, drive down costs, automate recommendations to right size, shut down resources based on business hours, automate requests, and aid in approvals and governance of the infrastructure that supports native cloud environments.

Key ITOM Capabilities:

  • Get visibility into your infrastructure and services – Instantly see the service impact of your infrastructure issues and changes, simplify root-cause analysis, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). End-to-end discovery and service mapping gives you an accurate and up-to-date CMDB view of your IT infrastructure and services. The resulting complete and reliable record is used by other ServiceNow applications, such as ITOM Health, ITOM Optimization, and Software Asset Management. In this way, you can improve service quality, strengthen change processes, reduce risk, optimize infrastructure spend, and minimize software compliance issues.
  • Avoid and solve service issues effectively – ITOM Health uses the power of AIOps to turn events into actionable alerts. Pinpoint service issues and rapidly identify and remediate the root cause. Unlike legacy event management systems that are static and rule-based, ITOM Health applies machine learning and advanced analytics to correlate events, adapting automatically to rapidly evolving virtualized and cloud environments.
  • Accelerate cloud strategy and reduce costs – Reduce costs by identifying and automatically correcting cost optimization targets, including areas of high spend and stranded cloud assets. Implement automated cloud provisioning to establish an effective cloud governance model.


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