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Cloudaction is a trusted ServiceNow partner with tons of ITSM project experience and best practices knowledge. We deliver a complete project – from pre-implementation planning to post-implementation managed support, and everything in between. And our ServiceNow Quick Launch service enables your organization to get up to speed, and see measurable results, ASAP.

ServiceNow ITSM elevates the user experience.

ServiceNow is a true pioneer of cloud-based ITSM. Today, ServiceNow ITSM enables you to go on the digital transformation offensive. Eliminate information silos. Automate workflows. Gain real-time operational visibility. And more.

ServiceNow ITSM elevates your IT game and generates demonstrable value to your business users. If you have the right ServiceNow implementation provider, that is.

Whether you are new to ServiceNow or are an existing customer, contact us today to learn more about how Cloudaction can help you get more out of your investment. Let’s talk.

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ServiceNow ITSM Overview*

ServiceNow ITSM is a next-generation cloud-based service management solution. With ServiceNow ITSM, you can consolidate on-premises legacy tools to the NOW platform and harness shared data and analytics with automated workflows.

ServiceNow ITSM’s platform-native AI and machine learning, along with natural language virtual agent chatbots, empower your IT staff and boost productivity 20%.

ServiceNow ITSM enables you to:

  • Empower employees to self-solve issues 24/7, raise questions, and get relevant, accurate, and consistent information to improve employee satisfaction.
  • Make smarter decisions, automate more services, and continually improve your services in role-based workspaces.
  • Triage, collaborate, and enable agents to resolve incidents, find answers, and stay connected from anywhere to resolve high-impact incidents and improve agent efficiency dramatically.

ServiceNow delivers resilient IT services on a single cloud platform

  • Incident Management – Automatically assign incidents to the correct resolution group with Incident Management’s machine learning. Bring together stakeholders to investigate issues and restore services swiftly with the Major Incident Management portal.
  • Problem Management – Restore services quickly and often preempt issues from happening in the first place with Problem Management. Structured workflows diagnose root causes and fix problems to eliminate recurring incidents and minimize the impact of unexpected disruptions.
  • Change Management – Improve velocity of work while minimizing risks and costs of unplanned changes. Automate standard changes with DevOps capabilities, and for complex changes, automate change advisory board meetings with CAB Workbench to accelerate change management.
  • Configuration Management (CMDB) – Consolidate IT data silos into a single system of record to see the functioning of all assets and related services. See the relationships of configuration items and services to proactively manage the change impacts.

ServiceNow ITSM provides advanced analytics with automated workflows.

  • Performance Analytics – Enable every stakeholder—workers, owners, and executives—responsible for service delivery to make smarter, real-time decisions. Use data visualizations to anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and drive IT alignment with business goals.
  • Continual Improvement Management – Collaborate and prioritize data, people, and business goals to manage your strategic IT investments with a structured framework and automated workflows .
  • Service Portfolio Workspace – Track and analyze service performance using data from a host of ServiceNow and third-party applications in a consolidated view. Proactively solve service issues, lower costs, and deliver great service experiences.
  • Vendor Manager Workspace – Track and analyze vendor performance from a single destination. Get consolidated insights to make smarter decisions that maximize value for your organization.


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