Why Cloudaction

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We’re different.
There are plenty of Salesforce consulting firms that can stand up a pretty good CRM system, and there are plenty of BMC and ServiceNow partners that can implement a pretty good help desk system. We created Cloudaction to bridge the gap. With a team that excels in ITSM in the cloud solutions and that has deep experience in service management, we deliver the exceptional results and clean integration organizations need to be more efficient, effective, and competitive. Through our strategic consulting and technology services, we bring the right talent to the table to deliver elegant, integrated solutions that leverage the full promise of the Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms. By providing strategic guidance and solid results, we help our clients maximize the value of their cloud-based solutions like Remedyforce, ServiceNow, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Cloud Coach. Why settle for a firm that doesn’t “get” your challenges when you can partner with Cloudaction and get the best of both worlds!

Our partners are the de facto leaders in ITSM in the cloud solutions.
Cloudaction enjoys strategic partnerships with BMC and ServiceNow. We have direct access to our partners’ product management, R&D, and support teams. These strong, multi-faceted relationships help us ensure successful results for our clients.

We are Salesforce platform experts.
Cloudaction has significant expertise on the Salesforce platform, with specific strength around enterprise cloud apps such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and BMC Remedyforce.

We don’t simply implement technology. We solve business problems.
The Cloudaction team is famous for solving business problems, not just implementing technology. We understand the importance of delivering solutions that make our clients more competitive, more efficient, and more profitable. We deliver solid, scalable results by leveraging best-fit “out of the box” capabilities when possible and complementing them with elegant and cost-effective custom solutions when necessary.

We are customer-centric.
Cloudaction lives by a simple creed: “Do right by the customer. Every day. No exceptions.” Any firm can be customer-centric when everything is going smoothly, but few firms maintain that commitment when the going gets tough. Too many just say “tough” and get going. Not Cloudaction. We are real people and everyone knows that real people make mistakes sometimes. When mistakes happen, doing the right thing is not always the easy – or profitable – thing to do. But we do it anyway because we view ourselves as partners in every client’s success. You can count on us to deliver the promised results, even when it’s not easy.

We put our money where our mouth is.
We have invested in building an exceptional team of experienced professionals. This investment is the foundation that supports our commitment to deliver exceptional results.

We provide peace of mind, with no BS.
Have other firms or vendors burned you with the big disconnect between sales and service? It won’t happen with Cloudaction. From your first interaction with us forward, you can count on us to be straight with you. Our “sales” team is comprised of experienced executives with real-world consulting experience, and our “sales engineers” are real consultants that implement our solutions. We speak honestly and candidly, and we deliver on the results we promise. And we don’t deploy a solution and then disappear. We provide post-project support via our SmartSource™ managed support offering in order to ensure each client’s long-term success.

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