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Create personalized digital experiences at every touchpoint.


Customers are priority one. That’s a timeworn “you can take it to the bank” business mantra.

Then again, you can say the same about your employees.

In business, customers and employees are two sides of the same coin. You really aren’t successful with the former without being successful with the latter. And that’s what makes a digital employee experience strategy so essential to creating sustainable business value.

Cloudaction can help you create seamless, personalized, brand-building digital experiences for your employees, at every touchpoint in their employee journey.

Holistic approach to digital employee experience

“Every interaction an employee has working with your company’s technologies or processes can potentially impact their experience.”

– Forrester Research

Employee experience initiatives have long been integral to traditional HR objectives such as employee retention, development, and satisfaction. Now the business side of the organization is increasingly aware that an enterprise employee experience strategy has far-reaching impacts.

Why? Because employee experience affects your bottom line. It’s simple. Happy employees make for happy customers, and happy customers mean top-line growth.

Use case-driven employee experience strategy

Cloudaction can help you design and implement a digital employee experience strategy driven by specific use cases. And while your employee experience program may originate in one department, it won’t stay there.

Typically, employee experience use cases carry over to multiple departments, including HR, IT, Facilities, and more. Best practices say digital employee experience requires a corporate-inclusive perspective involving stakeholders from multiple departments.

We can help you connect the dots, identifying the key roles, functions, technologies, and processes you’ll need to turn your employee experience vision into a new operational reality.

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We hear a lot from our customers about enhancing their employees’ digital experience. Lucky for us, digital employee experience is one of our favorite subjects.

Typically, the conversation begins with a specific use case and moves to the how-to. And that’s where the drawing board comes out and things get interesting as other use cases are surfaced.

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