Salesforce Implementation Services. We help you find customers and keep them happy with Salesforce CRM solutions.

Cloudaction is a Salesforce certified implementation partner specializing in Salesforce’s industry standard customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

“Salesforce is a cloud computing pioneer that continues to set the standard for CRM. You can’t call yourself a cloud consulting company if you don’t have solid Salesforce skill sets. Cloudaction’s Salesforce skills are world-class.”


Samir Kumar, President/Co-Founder, Cloudaction

We help you get a 360 customer view with Salesforce CRM solutions.

As a Salesforce certified partner, Cloudaction has a proven track record in helping organizations of all sizes create extraordinary customer experiences.

Salesforce provides an integrated CRM platform that gives your customer-facing departments — including marketing, sales, and service — a shared view of each customer. Salesforce CRM has the potential to be a service game-changer for any organization. If you choose the right implementation partner, that is.

We help you elevate your CRM game.

Cloudaction has the Salesforce CRM skills to give you the confidence that your implementation generates value on day one. We have the Salesforce CRM implementation experience to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget, and with no surprises.

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Sales Cloud Implementation Services

We help you use Sales Cloud to close deals like crazy.

Cloudaction is a proven Salesforce services partner with tons of experience in Sales Cloud experience. Our project methodology accelerates your Sales Cloud implementation timeline so that you take advantage of Salesforce CRM more quickly—to find new customers and close deals faster.

Sales Cloud is turbocharged for maximum revenue generation.

Sales Cloud is the industry standard CRM solution. With inherent scalability, Sales Cloud helps sales teams of all sizes capture more leads, improve conversion rates, and grow revenue.

Sales Cloud features powerful CRM tools for field sales and sales management: Account and Contact Management, Opportunity Management. Lead Management. Sales Data. Workflows and Approvals. File Sync and Share. Forecasting. Reports and Dashboards. A successful deployment of these tools, however, depends on your selection of a trusted Sales Cloud implementation partner.

Cloudaction takes Sales Cloud to the next level.

Sales Cloud has the tools to take your sales team to the next level. With Cloudaction as your implementation partner, you can be confident that your Sales Cloud is a high-revving lead machine. Contact us today.

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Service Cloud Implementation Services

We help you establish customer loyalty. And keep it.

As Salesforce certified partner, Cloudaction is a proven Service Cloud implementation partner. And our services don’t end with your implementation. We have the enterprise integration skills, which includes our actionHub integration platform, to enable you to share insights about customers and resolve service issues quickly.

Service Cloud creates loyalty with every customer interaction.

Service Cloud is the industry standard customer support solution. Built on the scalable Salesforce Platform, Service Cloud’s functionality virtually guarantees a satisfying customer experience.

Service Cloud allows your reps to get answers faster. A self-service portal and chat support makes customers self-sufficient. For onsite support issues, Service Cloud can be configured by role, giving field reps, dispatchers, and technicians the ability to diagnose and resolve cases as a team. Harnessing these powerful CRM tools requires a trusted implementation partner.

Cloudaction puts the service in Service Cloud.

With Cloudaction as your Service Cloud implementation partner, you gain access to world-class Salesforce CRM experts with the know-how to take your customer support capabilities to the next level. Contact us today.