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We give you the tools to be proactive about server-related vulnerabilities.

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Cloudaction collaborates with you so that your TrueSight Server Automation solution provides maximum visibility into your entire IT infrastructure – physical, virtual, containers, and cloud resources – and how all components are performing.

Manage data center operations holistically.

TrueSight Server Automation offers an automated, policy-based approach for managing data center operations. It supports industry-standard operating systems driving physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. With TrueSight Server Automation’srobust out-of-the-box capabilities, your IT team can stay ahead of security vulnerabilities, patching, regulatory compliance, configurations, and provisioning, whether in your data centers or in the cloud.

TrueSight Server Automation is a difference maker for IT operations, enabling your staff to manage security vulnerabilities, provisioning, configuration changes, and patching, and to secure servers across every platform. Selecting the right consulting partner makes a big difference in how soon you see the benefits of this powerful IT management solution.

Align IT resources with data-driven confidence.

Cloudaction is a project-tested TrueSight Server Automation consulting partner. Our experience helps to ensure that your implementation, optimization, or migration is delivered on time, on budget, and with the expected results.

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More about TrueSight Server Automation*

TSSA is an industry-leading solution for automating vulnerability management, patching, compliance, configuration changes, software deployments, and service provisioning in the data center and cloud.

TSSA uses a policy-based approach for managing servers on-premises or in the cloud with greater speed, security, quality, and consistency. Intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation increase efficiency and allow IT staff to focus their efforts on innovation and strategic projects instead of maintenance.

With TSSA, IT can automate vulnerability management, patching, compliance with regulations and operational policies, configuration management, and service provisioning. It enables organizations to boost productivity, increase their server to admin ratio, strengthen security, be “always audit ready,” and quickly respond to increasing business demands.

Key Features

TSSA helps admins patch, provision, configure, and manage physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

  • Vulnerability management – Utilizes the TSSA Console built on a container and microservices-based architecture with dashboards providing application and service-centric views of server and network device vulnerabilities.
  • Patch management – Automates and simplifies the patch management process with an easy-to-use, state-of-the art, web-based user interface.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation – Automated, continuous compliance and audit readiness with regulations (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, DISA, CIS) and internal operational policies.
  • Full lifecycle management – Automate the server lifecycle for configuration management, service provisioning, compliance, ad hoc tasks, and reporting with integration to BMC Discovery, BMC ITSM and change control.
  • Advanced built-in security – Granular role-based access control that strengthens security, reduces the risk of misconfigurations, and improves systems stability.
  • Maintenance windows – Schedule jobs to run in approved maintenance windows.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce security risk – Rapid, automated vulnerability remediation for improved security, simplified patch management for ease-of-use, automated compliance to be “always audit ready.”
  • Save labor – Automation for increasing productivity, and slashing administration time and labor requirements without requiring advanced skills.


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