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Cloudaction is proud to be the first Salesforce partner to implement Work.com for a client. Today we have delivered more Work.com projects than any consulting services company.

The all-in-one platform that puts employees first.

Work.com from Salesforce is the world’s first employee-centric workplace solution designed specifically to address the challenges of the today’s working world. Built for the hybrid office-remote workplace, Work.com is the all-in-one platform offering a complete workplace solution—from HR and IT service desk to team collaboration and self-service, from resource and shift management to employee safety and wellness checks.

Salesforce developed Work.com to bring its pioneering Customer 360 vision to the workplace—providing a suite of integrated tools that enable you to provide Employee 360 services to every member of your team. Optimizing Work.com for your organization depends on having an experienced consulting partner. That’s where Cloudaction comes in.

Boost employee satisfaction with Work.com and Cloudaction.

Whatever your workplace model—remote, office, or a combination of both—we can help you design, implement, and optimize Work.com to provide you with Employee Productivity, Employee Service, and Employee Safety tools to keep your team members engaged, motivated, and safe.

“We are using Salesforce’s Work.com solutions as a springboard for a healthier community, supporting student mental health and wellbeing, reviewing and reworking social issues around diversity and inclusion, and preparing our university to handle any number of different future scenarios.”

Dr. Eli Capilouto

President, University of Kentucky

Source: Salesforce.com

Employee Productivity

Employee Workspace


HR Service Center

IT Service Center

Employee Concierge


Workplace Command Center

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Work.com Employee Productivity

Employee Workspace

Work.com Employee Workspace keeps your employees engaged, efficient, and informed. With Employee Workspace, your team has everything it needs to collaborate, be effective, and stay productive.

Employee Workspace enables you to:

  • Bring apps and content together in a single, user-defined view
  • Create a tailored digital environment for teams to work together in real time
  • Brand your workspace to fit your corporate graphics and messaging
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Work.com Employee Service

HR Service Center

Work.com HR Service Center gives your HR team all the tools they need to help employees. HR Service Center enables your HR team to deliver a seamless HR experience for new hires and existing employees.

HR Service Center enables you to:

  • Automate HR workflows and onboarding processes
  • Manage employee requests on a HR-specific console
  • Integrate HR processes with your IT service desk

IT Service Center

Work.com IT Service Center gives your IT department the service management tools they need. With IT Service Center, IT can support every device with AI-powered tools that help them proactively identify and revolve service desk issues.

IT Service Center allows your IT department to:

  • Get a complete view of employee technical assets
  • Resolve issues rapidly using real-time device data
  • Automate user support workflows and provide self-service capabilities

“IT Service Center gives me a one-stop shop to improve our employee experience by allowing agents to manage, secure, report, and conduct surveillance on my entire fleet of end points, in real time.”

Eddie Nieves


Source: Salesforce.com

Employee Concierge

Work.com Employee Concierge provides individual team members with an integrated service experience. Using Employee Concierge, each of your employees can get answers and maintain a high level of productivity.

Employee Concierge provides an intelligent help desk that enables you to:

  • Give your employees the convenience of intuitive self-service functionality
  • Accelerate service requests across HR, back-office, and IT departments
  • Use AI to respond quick to requests
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Work.com Employee Safety

Workplace Command Center

Work.com Workplace Command Center enables you to manage the health, safety, and preparedness of your workforce. With Workplace Command Center, you can track employee readiness and make decisions by combining private data with public health data in real time.

Workplace Command Center enables you to:

  • Monitor employee wellness and training formation
  • Track facilities preparedness and shift scheduling
  • Initiate vaccine verifications and contact tracing