Cloudaction Completes Migration of Legacy O&G App to Salesforce1 Platform for U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Company

TULSA, Okla., June 7, 2016 – Cloudaction today announced it has completed a complex cloud application development project for a major U.S. natural gas pipeline company to migrate and optimize a business-critical legacy business application onto the Salesforce1 platform. The application, which enables the pipeline company’s customers—i.e., natural gas producers—to connect their wells to the company’s pipelines and gathering operations, is essential to the company’s business.

Cloudaction President and Co-Founder Samir Kumar said, “The cloud-enabled application is now in production, and our customer is highly pleased with what we have been able to accomplish by replicating a core legacy application on Salesforce and also adding new value by optimizing the application architecture and simplifying processes.”

The primary objective of the project was to replicate the company’s web-based legacy application, which was built on commercial on-premises software designed for content management and process automation. The existing solution lacked the flexibility to support mobile interactions, and ongoing maintenance of the application had grown increasingly costly.

“The customer’s objective was to make the application ready to meet the challenges the midstream industry faces in the 21st century, and that is what we have accomplished,” Kumar said.

Using the iterative Agile development approach, the Cloudaction team transformed and optimized existing business processes in a custom application built on the Saleforce1 platform. The new cloud-based application enables the customer’s Salesforce administrator to modify processes dynamically, without requiring development effort, and supports multi-step workflows from end to end, including storing pertinent attachments.

The Salesforce1-based application provides a standard user interface as well as a simplified notification process with standardized email format for consistent user experience. It also is fully integrated with client information stored in existing enterprise operational systems, such GIS, contract management and gas gathering, and pulls data from those systems into the customer’s Service Cloud CRM environment for improved visibility into the business and enhanced reporting and analysis. Additionally the new application includes a self-service capability whereby the pipeline company’s customers can proactively submit service requests which initiates internal and external automated workflows to streamline processes.

“This solution elevates the overall user experience, both for their external customers and for their internal team,” Kumar said.

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