MSP Provides Perfect Non-IT Use Case for Remedyforce

By Harendra Thatola, Global Delivery Director, Cloudaction

A comprehensive business service management solution created by Cloudaction for a global managed services provider (MSP) provides the perfect use case for Remedyforce’s extraordinary value for both IT and non-IT deployments.

Our client is a MSP specializing in  high-speed internet, on-demand media, and voice/phone systems solutions for the hospitality industry. Services range from in-demand consumer services like in-room Wi-Fi and video to valuable business event services like conferencing networks, web casting, and video conferencing. The company, which has operations and personnel in more than 80 countries, currently supports approximately 4,000 hotel properties representing nearly a million guest rooms.

With logistics on that scale, the company’s success depends on not only having the ability to track and resolve business related issues, but also managing and maximizing resource needs from one hotel property to another. To achieve its business goals, this MSP teamed with Cloudaction to execute a unique Remedyforce implementation designed to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry.

The MSP’s dedicated customer relationship managers (CRMs) use their Remedyforce system, essentially an out-of-the-box configuration with a few minor customizations, to manage their assigned hotel properties, track issues, and manage internal technical personnel. Additionally, CRMs can easily execute Remedyforce portal onboarding and offboarding of hotel staff by a specific property. This is an important capability given the frequent staff rotation among different properties in today’s hospitality industry.

Additionally, Cloudaction worked with the company to extend Remedyforce’s capabilities even further to provide hotel brand and ownership managers with dynamic visibility of tickets and service requests. Using Remedyforce, these users can prioritize issues, maximize productivity, and track resource utilization by involving the right resources at the right time.

Bottom line, the MSP is using Remedyforce in a non-IT business scenario to help it achieve three major goals:

  1. Deliver a world-class hotel guest experience supported by modern technology.
  2. Generate more revenue per property by optimizing resources, deploying their products, and providing outstanding technical services.
  3. Provide full transparency on their services via Remedyforce portal to the both internal and the hotel properties stakeholders.

It is noteworthy that although this MSP uses Remedyforce Service Desk to help their internal IT, the non-IT deployment was the key driver for choosing Remedyforce as a strategic enterprise solution for its clients’ needs.

This use case demonstrates that Remedyforce isn’t just for IT service management anymore. Its ability to solve non-IT business problems proves that Remedyforce has the potential to be a powerful business service management solution.