Remedyforce Consulting: 5 tips for accelerating Remedyforce user adoption

By Mark Hodge, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

Organizational resistance to a new tool such as Remedyforce ITSM is an unfortunate reaction, but it is both natural and predictable. Put yourself in your users’ shoes. A Remedyforce implementation means you have to learn new processes, which creates the perception of extra work. And while there’s no way around the fact that new tools like Remedyforce add to users’ workload initially, that extra work and those new processes will have a measurable upside for them and for the organization in the long term. The question is, how long is the long term?

As a Remedyforce consultant, I contend that the timing of the Remedyforce user learning curve is directly related to how the value of the Remedyforce implementation is communicated and “sold” to the organization. In other words, the long-term success of your Remedyforce deployment depends on building a culture of acceptance during the implementation, which will enable you to accelerate user adoption. Here are five tips for accelerating Remedyforce user acceptance.

  • Secure leadership support – Have your decision makers promote the strategic value of Remedyforce through town halls and emails explaining value to the business. Do it more than once.
  • Engage users from the get-go – Spend time engaging the users you support. When you allow them to be part of the implementation process, they will feel empowered.
  • Built confidence – Host interactive web meetings to highlight Remedyforce’s easy-to-use features that focus on your business workflow.
  • Demonstrate efficiency early and often – Show the value through reduction in churn. Build reports that help your customers see where improvements can be made.
  • Leverage user documentation – Create and publish easy-to-use guides that can be a point of reference for users who value self-sufficiency.

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