Restaurant Chain Supports 30,000 Suppliers with Custom Salesforce Solution


To keep customers coming back to its 600+ restaurants, this U.S. hospitality industry giant works with upwards of 30,000 suppliers. Managing these relationships efficiently, and making it easy for suppliers to work with them, is a top-of-mind concern for the company.


The company wanted to transform its supplier management system. The existing system was a third-party packaged application that, while built on Salesforce, was not cost effective to operate. The company paid for features it did not use, and some native process automation tended to be cumbersome.  


The company engaged Cloudaction to develop a built-for-purpose supplier management solution on Salesforce. Working with a cross-departmental team, we migrated business-critical existing functionality and also developed all-new functionality from scratch. This custom solution is built on the Experience Cloud digital experience platform and uses MuleSoft for integration.


  • Quicker time-to-value – The new solution met the company’s technology and process improvement goals and provided real-time visibility into supplier-related processes.
  • Scalability – The solution gives the customer the ability to adjust supplier management processes per their business needs and compliance requirements.
  • Cost savings – The solution eliminated recurring licensing costs of the old third-party tool and reduced application management and support costs.