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Remedyforce implementation: A game-changer in the ITSM space

By Samir Kumar, Cloudaction President

I love sharing Remedyforce success stories as they confirm what I tell my customers: Remedyforce is a game-changer in the ITSM space. Today I read Tami Casey’s post on the BMC blog about the extraordinary success that mutual insurance company Ameritas has achieved since its Remedyforce implementation in 2012. Money quote:
“According to a financial analysis by Nucleus Research, Ameritas achieved 96% annual ROI with full payback in 1.5 years.

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Jumpstart your ITIL best practice initiative with Remedyforce implementation

By Pat Leftwich, Remedyforce Senior Consultant, Cloudaction     

When it comes to establishing ITIL best practices, getting from theory to reality is perhaps the biggest challenge. What’s great about Remedyforce is that it supports ITIL V3 processes right out of the box, making your ITIL initiative “real” and operational from the get-go.
I’ve worked with many organizations over the years that were fully committed to implementing best practices in their IT organizations. As a Remedyforce consultant at Cloudaction,

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7 tips for improving the Remedyforce user experience via ticket categorization

By Kedar Zavar, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction     

Category is a Remedyforce attribute that, when fully leveraged, provides a better experience for business users and support staff. As a Remedyforce consultant at Cloudaction, I have worked on multiple small and large Remedyforce implementations, and even a few BMC SDE/Magic implementations, and I have seen firsthand how Category can be leveraged to maximize Remedyforce’s business value. Here are seven tips for using Category to improve the Remedyforce user experience.

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Remedyforce implementation best practice: Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes

By Mark Hodge, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction     

I work with many customers who are looking to accomplish similar objectives. That is, to efficiently manage their IT resources and technology. Being a consultant with Cloudaction gives me the ability to teach my customers Remedyforce implementation best practices and ways to manage these cloud-based technologies. I went through a lot of what my customers do when I ran an international service desk. I was tasked to find a tool that could scale as our company grew and expanded.

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