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Top 10 Features in BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

BMC Helix Remedyforce brings some great features with the Winter 19 release. Here are my top 10.
1. New HighCharts for QuickViews

No more Adobe Flash needed
2D-3D options
Available “donut chart” option

2. Ability to Find Records Using Multiple Column Filters on Console

Agents can easily sort records by more than one column
No need to create separate views
Makes it super-easy to create dynamic views


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Remedyforce Consulting: Remedyforce Summer 18 Is Here!

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

The release of Remedyforce Summer 18 brings some great enhancements for Remedyforce administrators and clients. Here are my “summertime” favorites.

Enhanced Search Options with “Superbox” Self-Service Portal


Clients can use Self-Service easily search service requests, templates, knowledge articles and broadcasts.
Search results are displayed with count if matching record exists.

Smart Suggestions Available on Self-Service


This feature promotes self-service usage by enabling clients to resolve their own issues.

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Onboarding/Offboarding Automation Is Simple with Remedyforce and the actionHub Integration Platform

By Samir Kumar, Co-Founder and President, Cloudaction

Any HR professional will tell you that onboarding of new hires is a resource- and cost-intensive process. A Deloitte study pegs the average cost-per-hire at more than $4000. What’s more, that number does not include hidden post-hiring costs such as paperwork and administration by HR and hiring managers, deferred productivity as new hires adapt to a new work environment, and provisioning of IT resources such as laptops,

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MSP Provides Perfect Non-IT Use Case for Remedyforce

By Harendra Thatola, Global Delivery Director, Cloudaction

A comprehensive business service management solution created by Cloudaction for a global managed services provider (MSP) provides the perfect use case for Remedyforce’s extraordinary value for both IT and non-IT deployments.
Our client is a MSP specializing in  high-speed internet, on-demand media, and voice/phone systems solutions for the hospitality industry. Services range from in-demand consumer services like in-room Wi-Fi and video to valuable business event services like conferencing networks,

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Welcome to Remedyforce Winter 18

By Kedar Zavar, Architect, Cloudaction

Remedyforce Winter 18 is now generally available, but I’ve had the privilege of getting to play in the BMC Early Access sandbox. This release offers some great new features for Remedyforce admins/users, so let’s have a look at some of most noteworthy.
Page Layout Types on Console
Winter 18’s new Page Layout Types on Remedyforce Console is maybe my favorite new feature, especially how it has the power to extend Remedyforce’s benefits beyond IT.

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