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Remedyforce Consulting: 15 reasons to upgrade to BMC Remedyforce Winter 15

By Kedar Zavar, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

BMC Remedyforce is the fastest-growing “ITSM in the cloud” solution, and the BMC Remedyforce team continues to push the envelope, innovating and reaching new heights with every release. Remedyforce Winter 15 Release is no exception to the rule. As an integral part of the Remedyforce consulting ecosystem, we at Cloudaction can’t wait to share the news with our communities.
With Winter 15 we see the BMC Remedyforce team continue its winning streak by providing solid reaffirmation of its total commitment to making the solution the most complete and feature-rich cloud-based help desk solution in the world.

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Remedyforce Consulting: How to use the Agile methodology for a successful ITSM implementation

By Priten Nayak, Country Head, Cloudaction India    

Because ITSM implementations are by definition enterprise projects, it follows that ITSM project management as a professional discipline is complex, detail-intensive, multi-phased, and involve many “moving parts” and no small measure of ambiguity and unpredictability.  As such, one’s choice of project management methodology is extremely important in ITSM implementations. In comparison to traditional project management approaches, the Agile methodology presents a compelling alternative for ITSM implementations. Agile enables project teams to respond more effectively to ambiguity and unpredictability.

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