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Remedyforce Consulting: BMC takes Remedyforce CMDB to the next level

By Pat Leftwich, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

Until recently, only very large enterprise IT groups invested the time, effort, and expense required to implement a CMDB. Smaller organizations did not have any feasible options available in their favor because there were no “one size fits all” CMDBs on the market.
In today’s more complex infrastructure and ever-changing application environments, IT organizations of all sizes have come to realize they must have a solid understanding of the physical and virtual resources that make the business they support tick.

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Remedyforce Integration: Leveraging Remedyforce and JIRA integrations

By Bruce Morgan, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

JIRA from Atlassian provides a rich environment for managing software development, from issue tracking to project management to work assignments. When coupled with Remedyforce’s world-class ITIL process management expertise, a robust system can be assembled for managing development projects from conceptualizing to guaranteeing end user satisfaction. Remedyforce’s and JIRA’s integration capabilities are the key to bringing the two together seamlessly.
JIRA’s integration capabilities are extended through the use of custom Java classes written to conform to JIRA’s interface standards.

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20 reasons to upgrade to Remedyforce Summer ‘14

By Kedar Zavar, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

While the Summer ’14 release of Remedyforce unleashed a wealth of enhancements and new functionality, it also is proof positive that Remedyforce just keeps getting better, with a wealth of enhancements and new functionality.
What’s more, this kind of continual improvement by BMC is by design. BMC product management is committed to three major Remedyforce releases each year. More important, they listen to customer and partner feedback and incorporate those ideas into their releases.

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Insights on Remedyforce integration with Workday HCM system

By Bruce Morgan, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction    

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based solution that unifies HR, talent management, onboarding, payroll, and time tracking into a single system of record. Cloudaction customers are interested in integrating Workday with their BMC Remedyforce ITSM environment in order to maximize employee productivity and operational efficiency from day one.
Workday exposes a diverse group of web services that in turn expose an extensive amount of Workday’s processes and data items.

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5 tips for a successful Remedyforce implementation

By Mark Hodge, Senior Consultant, Cloudaction

Recently I was engaged on a Remedyforce implementation project with a client who had several strategic initiatives in place for their service desk solution. They were headed in the right direction by selecting Remedyforce since Remedyforce has built-in ITIL best practice processes and because the simplicity of configuration allows for quick user adherence. By using Cloudaction professional services and best practice Remedyforce implementation methodology, they were up and running in few weeks vs months,

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